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JUNE 22 - 24, 2020 / PISA, ITALY

Le Navi Antiche di Pisa

The exhibit of “Le Navi Antiche di Pisa” is hosted in the rooms and the aisles of the Arsenali Medicei” (the Medici Arsenals) in Pisa. It is dived into eight sections: The city between the two rivers; Earth and waters; The fury of waters; Navalia; Ships; Trades; Navigation; Life on board.
The average duration of a tour is 90 minutes.
The exhibition of “Le Navi Antiche di Pisa” takes place in the halls and aisles of the “Arsenali Medicei” (the Medici Arsenals), along river Arno. Originally, these were warehouses destined to the building and upkeep of the galleys used by the knights of the order of St. Stephen – the Order of Chivalry whose duty was to protect the coasts from the Saracen threat. The arsenals were soon abandoned and became first barracks, and then stables. Until the middle of the 20th century, they hosted the Italian Army’s horse breeding centre.
The intention to preserve the structure of the Arsenals influenced the museum’s choices, mainly in rooms I, II and VIII, where the maintenance of the horse boxes imposed a narration structured in microchapters, similar to mini-steps. The large volumes of the aisles, instead, are the ideal space to display the big restored ships.

The Museum is located in Lungarno Ranieri Simonelli, 16, Pisa.
Opening days: Wednesday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday
Closing days: Every Monday

Historical Museum of the Air Troops

We give notice of the opening to the public of the Historical Museum of the Air Troops, we had the opportunity to be hosted some time ago and we anticipate some photos of what awaits you inside it.
The Museum was born inside the "Vannucci" barracks in Livorno. In 1992 he was transferred to some rooms specially set up inside the "Palazzo del Picchetto" headquarters of the "Bagna" barracks in the same city. After various vicissitudes, thanks to the interest of the Commanders of the Folgore Brigade who have succeeded in leading the great Unit, we arrive at an important relocation of the Museum to the parent company of the Italian military parachuting: the Skydiving Training Center in Pisa. The Museum is spread over 15 exhibition rooms arranged in chronological order, occupies an area of over 800 square meters and collects about 3000 pieces of the most diverse types of material. Uniforms, armaments, coats of arms, badges, soldier's common objects and authentic documents tell the story of the paratroopers thanks also to the donations of veterans of each of every age and of their families, who have thus wanted to leave posterity with them or their loved ones . It is also a duty to acknowledge the contribution of the National Paratroopers Association of Italy (ANPdI), materializing in the promotion of subscriptions in favor of the Museum and in the research among its members of materials and period relics.

The Museum is located in Via di Gello 138, Pisa.
Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday 09.30-12.30 / 14.00-17.00, Sunday 09.30-13.00

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