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Alessandro Giazotto Alessandro Giazotto Airbus

Alessandro Giazotto



Safety and Quality are non-negotiable objectives in our industry.
This talk will explore how Airbus is benefitting from the EN9145 standard - Advanced Product Quality Planning - to ensure the above objectives are met, as well as Customer Satisfaction, while minimising the Cost of Non-Quality.


Alessandro Giazotto is a senior leader with more than 20 years of multi-domain experience in the Aerospace & Defence sector.
Today he is responsible for Quality for the Wing Aerostructures’ Supply Chain for all Civil and Large Military aircrafts at Airbus.
With a background in Aerospace Engineering gained at Pisa University, and in Leadership, Strategy & Management gained at Lancaster University Management School (UK) he started his career working in the Virgo Project performing design optimisation.
He then joined Airbus covering roles of increasing responsibilities in Research & Technology, Engineering, Operations, Plant, Programme, Customer Services, and Quality, within the Commercial business and the Aerospace and Defence division.

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