9.00 -Welcome Addresses

Gen. S.A. Fernando Giancotti,Italian Air Force Academy, Italy

B. Gen. (a) Dario Nicolella,President of AFCEA Chapter of Naples, Italy

Prof. Pasquale Daponte,University of Sannio, Italy


9.30 -The regulation of unmanned systems

Eng. Alessandro Cardi,ENAC, Italy


10.00 -Micro and mini UAV for measuring and surveying

Eng. Stefano Gennenzi,AIRBOTIX


10.30 -Novel Photonics Sensing and Systems for Military Metrology

Prof. Graham Wild,RMIT University, Australia


11.00 -Coffee Break


11.20 -Sensor Fusion for low-cost guided systems for small caliber bullets

Eng. R. Da Forno, Ph. D,Multiphysics Diagnostics & Automation


11.50 -Measurement of avionics and terrestrial equipment and systems at MBDA - Italy

Eng. V. Carpentieri, Eng. R.Vitiello,MBDA


12.20 -Experimental Activity for 3D Coordinates Mensuration from COSMO-SkyMed SAR Data through Radargrammetry: Technique and Methodology

Capt. Jacopo Paoli, Maj. Ferdinando DolceAero-Space System Engineering Group, Italian Air Force - Flight Test Wing, Aeroporto “M. De Bernardi”, Pratica di Mare (RM)


12.40 -Conclusions


13.00 -Lunch


14.30 -Guided visit of Italian Air Force Academy