Mechanical and Thermal Metrology for Aerospace Applications



Adolfo Martucci

CIRA - Italian Aerospace Research Centre


Giovanni Cerasuolo

CIRA - Italian Aerospace Research Centre


Orsola Petrella

CIRA - Italian Aerospace Research Centre


This special session is aimed to the research in thermal and mechanical measurement techniques devoted to aerospace applications.
Indeed, aircrafts and spacecrafts are subject to several types of loads, that imply risks for objects and people. Moreover, new challenging programs are continuously scheduled, both in aeronautical and space world. For these reasons, improvements in measuring techniques in these fields are mandatory.
In order to respond to the requirements of aerospace standards, all these techniques require careful analysis from a metrological point of view and it is also necessary to have high accuracy calibration systems. This kind of optimization by means of these two aspects allows scientist to increase the quality of the measurements performed.
An important rule is played by the thermal and mechanical sensors, monitoring the temperature and integrity conditions of the structures, by means of: thermal mappings, heat flux measurements, non-destructive tests, strain and displacement measurements, vibrations experimental analysis, accelerometry, spectroscopy, thermography.


  • New investigation methods and sensors for mechanical applications;
  • New investigation methods and sensors for thermal applications;
  • Numerical studies for innovative experimental sensors;
  • New measurement techniques for thermal and mechanical sensors;
  • Innovative measurement methods and sensor systems for non-destructive tests;
  • New sensors for dynamic and static analysis of structural systems;
  • Plasma experimental analysis by means of spectroscopic sensors;


Adolfo Martucci received the degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Naples “Federico II” in 2004, and the Ph.D. in Space Fluid Dynamics at the same university in 2007. For two years he has worked as researcher in the field of computational aero-thermodynamic, with particular attention to the conditions of the Plasma Wind Tunnel SCIROCCO. In 2006 he joined CIRA, the Italian Aerospace Research Center, to work on the aero-thermodynamic process of the Plasma Wind Tunnel hypersonic facilities, and then he joined the PWT Test Engineering Group. In the last years he gained experience in Plasma Wind Tunnels test campaign preparation, execution, data processing and reporting. He has been involved in concept and design of Facility upgrades. In 2018 he joined the CIRA Metrology Group to work on the research of new and innovative methodologies for the sensors calibrations, in particular devoted to measurements related to the Fluid Dynamic and the Aerospace sector.

Giovanni Cerasuolo is graduated with honors in Information Technology Engineering at Università degli Studi della Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli” in 2011. He worked for three years as R&D engineer in the home automation field, developing smart energy solutions studying sensor measurement techniques. In 2014 he joined CIRA, the Italian Aerospace Research Center, to work as researcher in metrology department. He is interested in pressure, temperature, acceleration and electrical sensors at CIRA test facilities studying innovative solutions and measurement techniques.

Orsola Petrella. Degree and Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering. Since 2003 she has been working in CIRA (Italian Aerospace Research Center). She is the head of Metrology Laboratory where innovative measurement systems are studied for electrical, pressure, acceleration and thermal quantities. She has a wide experience about design and realization of dedicate calibration set-up for aerospace measurements. In the recent time she is dealing with calibration systems for Thermo-Fluid Dynamics sensors.


Special Session 14

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