barra table a Padua

Padua is one of the oldest cities in Italy. In ancient times, Padova achieved a victory over the Spartans before it was conquered by the Romans and received the town charter. In the Middle Ages, Padua was an independent city state, like many of its neighbouring cities, but was ruled by a Podesta of the emperor. 

In 1405 the city finally fell to Venice, in 1797 to Napoleon, and finally to Austria. With one of the oldest universities in the world officially founded on 1222, Padua was always an intellectual and artistic centre, wich brought many art treasures to the city and made it a hotbed of revolutionary ideas. 





Where is Padova and how to arrive in town


Where it is

Padova is located in the middle of Veneto Region, in north eastern Italy, 40 km west from Venezia (Venice) and 90 km east from Verona. Its central position makes it very easy to reach it by plane, by car or by train.

 By plane

The international airports of Veneto Region are Venezia Marco Polo International Airport (, Treviso ( and Verona (, all very close to Padova city center. A collective taxi service provided by Taxi Air Service picks up travellers from Venezia airport and delivers them directly to their final destination. Service must be booked in advance and will be paid on board  ( The average trip takes about 40 minutes. From Venezia and Treviso there is a regular coach service from SITA bus company (Sita Nord - Sita Sud). Trip takes about 1h10' and ends at Padova Coach Station in Piazzale Boschetti, where local buses and taxi are available. Tickets can be bought at airports. Pick up points are just outside arrivals. From Verona there is a coach service to the railway station where the national train service Trenitalia ( provides at least a train every hour to Padova. Trip takes from 45 to 60 minutes depending on the train.

 By car

Two major motorways ("autostrade") connect Padova to main cities in Italy and Europe: the A4 Milano-Venezia cuts northern Italy east to west and the A27 Bologna-Padova connects the city with Bologna, Firenze, Roma and the South. To plan your trip by car in For further information on the Brescia-Padova part of the A4 Milano-Venezia

 By train

Direct connections with major cities in Italy are provided by the national train service Trenitalia ( Milano and Firenze (Florence) are about 2 hours away, Roma (Rome) and Torino, about 4 hours. Venezia city center can be reached in half an hour, Bologna in about one hour.