Military Metrology for AeroSpace


  08:45 - 08:55   WELCOME ADDRESSES
Lt. Gen. IAF (r) Pietro Finocchio, CESMA Director
Prof. Pasquale Daponte, University of Sannio
Chairman: Lt. Gen. Pietro Finocchio
  09:00 - 09:20   GENERAL KEYNOTE
GEN. D. A. Fabio MOLTENI, Italian Air Force Logistic Command
"IAF 5th Generation Logistic" [CLICK HERE]
  09:25 - 09:45   Brig. Gen. Maurizio ASTOLFI, Italian Air Force Logistic Command
"The logistic support evolution for the Italian Air Force fleet - The choice of maintenance policy to optimize aircraft availability and resources" [CLICK HERE]
  09:50 - 10:10   CC (AN) Paolo TRESCA, Italian Navy
"Life Cycle Management: Life Cycle Cost of Warships in Naval Programs of Italian Navy" [CLICK HERE]
  10:15 - 10:35   Lt. Col. Walter VILLADEI, Italian Air Force Staff
"The Evolution of the Aerospace Sector" [CLICK HERE]
  10:35 - 10:55   COFFEE BREAK
Chairman: Lt. Gen.IAF(r) Antonio Tangorra, Afcea Roma, Co-chairman: Gen.IAF (r) Dario Nicolella, Afcea Naples
  11:00 - 11:20   Eng. Leonardo MAZZINI, Thales Alenia Space Italia
"Logistical Support Scenarios of Space Military Assets" [CLICK HERE]
  11:25 - 11:45   Eng. Angelo DELL'ISOLA, Orizzonti Sistemi Navali
"Life Cycle Management: Operational Availability (Ao) in Naval Programs of Italian Navy" [CLICK HERE]
  11:50 - 12:10   Eng. Eduardo DE FRANCESCO, FederLazio Aerospazio e Difesa
"Life Cycle Management: Use of the European Aerospace & Defence (ASD) Data Model to standardize LCM data sources" [CLICK HERE]
  12:15 - 12:55   Speakers Round Table and Conclusions
Chairman: Lt. Gen. IAF Basilio DI MARTINO, National Armament Directorate (TBC)
  13:00 - 14:00   LUNCH
  14:00 - 15:00   Dr. Attilio PARRI, Systecon
Life Cycle Management - Tutorial [CLICK HERE]
  15:00 - 15:20   COFFEE BREAK
  15:20 - 18:00   Opus Suite Site Group


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